Making Christmas Angel Souvenirs

This year my daughter and I decided to make Paper Angels as Christmas gifts for her kindergarten friends.

So, we embarked on this journey, which is a little more work than my daughter can handle so I think I will have to finish the bulk alone. My daughter is five, but she loves to create things – draw, cut, glue, you name it, she’s in…

You might think they look complicated to make, they are super easy.

Here is a list of things we used:

– paper doilies

– silver pipe cleaners for the wreath on the head

– small or medium size white pom-pom (for the head)

– ribbon for the wings

– glue gun



We cut the doilie in half so you can use 1 for 2 angels. The size is not too large, but perfect to hang somewhere.



The final product will look like this, all the angels will have music books cut out of the doilie.



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