How is your Entrance?

I must say when it comes to entrances I am a little biased.  I know it’s crazy, but I am. I do form an opinion very quickly of someone once I walk through their entrance.

I hope I am not alone on this one. I am a little bit of a clean freak and like things very organized and back where they belong at the end of the day. I tell my kids to put away their toys after they are done playing with them right away, we generally don’t wait until the end of the day to clean up, we have to do it right after a game is done. Sounds odd…maybe…it has worked at our house though. Therefore, we don’t have a messy living room and we certainly don’t have a messy entrance. We put away our shoes and coats and bags and hats where they belong, in the closet (thankfully we have one). I know it’s hard when you don’t have a closet and you need to organize your entrance full of shoes, boots, coats, school bags etc. in other ways.

Here are a few pics I chose for you (if you don’t have a closet) to admire and decide which one best fits you and your entrance. It is not hard to get it all organized, sometimes all we need is a few extra ideas that we haven’t thought of.

Here they are. Enjoy.

Our entrance, very simple and plain.

)Foyer Stairs

If you have a narrow entrance way and no closet, all you need to do is add some hooks for your coats and bags, a shoe rack and to spice things up find an umbrella holder. Any kind would do, or you could use your imagination to use a tall vase, urn, wicker basket, flower pot, you name it.


This one is one of my favorite, very country.  A vintage looking bench which I love, lots of baskets, straw hat and nice hooks for your coats and bags.


If you live with kids in your home you can add a little more color, some boxes or wicker baskets for extra storage underneath your bench and perhaps on a shelf on the wall.



A favorite because of its clean lines and use of refurbished wood. Very hard to do when you have kids, but great for a single person or a couple.

entrance 1

Pics grabbed off Pinterest


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