Happy Spring

I love spring, it’s one of my favorite seasons. Nature comes to new life, trees are blooming, birds are singing, and we all tend to spend most of our free time enjoying every precious minute outdoors before it’s all gone again.  Spring is a time, when I get to clean up my yard, bring out my flower pots from the shed, put out our outdoor furniture and hopefully have time to relax. I am saying this because this is the season when I always think of new ways to improve on something around the house, in the garden or in the yard and at the end of the day have very little time to enjoy all of it.

This spring, I have big plans. Build a pergola, extend an existing flower garden, build new (concrete) stairs leading onto our deck, fix our entrance etc. So, where do we  start! These are all priorities if you ask me, but what about our budget and what about time? Before I venture into this plan, I will start small and accomplish only what I can and when I can, with the help from my husband of course who has gotten very handy these few years…thanks to me♥

I have started digging up our flower garden and giving it a shape rather than having it run in a straight line. This is a fairly simple project and not too time consuming.

Here are a few before pics, I will not be done with this project for a few good days as I need to order more earth.   Will keep you posted.


flower garden

The end result will look something like these pics grabbed off Pinterest.

Lush Flowers

Flower Shrub Garden

Happy Spring Everybody:) and start small…

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